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Environment Monitoring & Gas Detection

More than ever before, industries are striving to reduce environmental impact. To ensure the safety of the public and personnel, responsible operators are becoming more vigilant in monitoring, identifying, and predicting the dispersion of dangerous airborne gases. HSE deploys a range of equipment to quickly and accurately detect emissions.

HSE’s proprietary CARMEN-REACTOR ® monitoring system works in conjunction with our meteorological towers to measure ambient air quality over large areas and provide 24/7 notification of hazardous releases. HSE also offers the WASP ®, a safe, satellite-linked wireless gas detection system.

On a smaller scale, HSE provides jobsite and personal gas detection monitors to protect workers in compromised environments.

  • Wireless air surveillance protection (WASP ®) 
  • Air quality monitoring: Computer Aided Remote Monitoring Enhanced Notification and Rapid Electrical Analog Control Technology On Request (CARMEN-REACTOR ®) 
  • Truck mounted mobile downwind environmental monitoring units 
  • Plume dispersion modeling 
  • Meteorological tower with four-kilometer grid 
  • Jobsite and personal gas detection equipment 
  • Gas leak detection and analysis equipment and services 
  • Gas detection and H2S Alive training

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Environment Monitoring Services

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