HSE Videos: Emergency Firefighting Services

Industrial Services

Industrial facilities and construction sites are dangerous places to work, particularly during construction or maintenance operations such as shutdowns or turnarounds. HSE provides professional on site safety personnel for special projects, peak-period support, and continuing outsourced safety supervision. HSE also offers a range of equipment to meet the safety requirements of industry and regulators.

Our diverse range of services allows clients to construct a safety package that suits the specific needs of their project or facility. Whether the job requires just one project safety advisor, or a comprehensive suite of safety personnel, services and equipment, HSE is the go-to source.

  • Customized safety project management and consulting
  • Plant shutdown and turnaround
  • Emergency response plans
  • Office / air trailer equipment
  • Breathing air equipment rentals and services
  • Emergency firefighting services and standby fire protection
  • Mobile shower services
  • Confined space and high angle rescue; customized personnel rescue plans
  • Gas detection and air quality monitoring equipment and services
  • Standby and emergency medical services
  • Onsite safety training and site orientation

Click below to see a video presentation of the following services :

Hot Tapping Services
Emergency Firefighting Services
Medical Services
Emergency Response Services
Environment Monitoring Services

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