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Occupational Health & Safety/
Industrial Health

Guidelines change, and governments are becoming more vigilant in the enforcement of occupational health and safety (OH&S) regulations. This motivates corporations of all sizes to outsource their OH&S obligations.

HSE provides experienced and certified OH&S professionals to assist companies in meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements, and protecting their employees. HSE also offers a range of call-out industrial health services to ensure a safe, hazard free workplace.

Whether it’s ensuring a safe worksite in terms of noise levels or airborne contaminants, or evaluating fitness to work through drug and alcohol testing, HSE has employers covered.

  • Health and safety management system development 
  • Health and safety management training 
  • Health and safety auditing 
  • Accident / incident investigation 
  • Hazard / task / job assessment 
  • Drug and alcohol testing 
  • Respirator equipment fit testing 
  • Audiometric testing 
  • Workplace noise testing 
  • Industrial hygiene: NORM and chemical-exposure monitoring; indoor air quality assessment
  • Pulmonary lung function testing

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Emergency Response Services

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