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Upstream Onsite Safety

The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry is unlike any other in the world. Drilling, completion and production of hydrocarbon wells has become increasingly specialized and complicated, and some procedures – such as fracturing or sour gas drilling – pose an inherently high risk to workers, the public, and the environment. HSE is well equipped to provide safety services in this sector.

Whether the job involves servicing breathing air equipment or containing a high-pressure uncontrolled well, HSE has the technology, the manpower, and the experience that operators trust and rely on.

  • Breathing air equipment rentals and services 
  • H2S safety supervisors
  • Emergency firefighting
  • Well control and blowout recovery
  • Blowout contingency planning
  • Mobile decontamination units
  • Fire / Shower combination units
  • Standby medical services
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Gas detection equipment and services
  • Training, including H2S Alive and Gas Detection

Click below to see a video presentation of the following services :

Freeze Services
Hot Tapping Services
Special Services
Well Control Services
Medical Services
Emergency Response Services
Blowout Recovery Services
Environment Monitoring Services

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